Security Protection

The operating system has been hardened so as to limit the risk of internal or external attacks.
Network/server protected by the use of a web application firewall to mitigate the risks from DDOS attacks.

System Configuration

Galaxy Zone uses the latest high performance premium grade servers to build our validating infrastructure. The main server is located separately from the back-up server in colocation data center facilities with rapid access for Galaxy Zone’s personnel.

The data centers’ physical security measures include:
• CCTV surveillance and recording (entrances and exits, equipment areas)
• On-site security personnel present 24/7
• monitoring systems to detect fire and water emergencies
• sophisticated air-conditioning system
• thermal imaging to detect anomalies in the temperatures of electrical or mechanical components
• in-out security with personal password and biometric fingerprint scanner and security card

High availability

The data centers have high resiliency with a dual power feed from two electricity sub-stations and guaranteed internet connectivity with 99.90% uptime with an Uptime SLA of 99.99%.


Reliability is ensured with large infrastructure bandwidth and a powerful backbone network that enables high-speed access to resources and transfers of incoming and outgoing data.